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They eventually drug her against her will; she has a bad trip resulting in physical and mental damage, and is sent to a psychiatric hospital.

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She meets an old school acquaintance, who invites her to a party.

When the girls walk in on Richie and Ted stoned and having sex with each other, they realize their boyfriends were just using them to make money.

The girls report Richie and Ted to the police and flee to San Francisco.

Questions about the book's authenticity and true authorship began to arise in the late 1970s, and it is now generally viewed as a work of fiction written by Beatrice Sparks, a therapist and author who went on to write numerous other books purporting to be real diaries of troubled teenagers.

Nevertheless, its popularity has endured, and as of 2014 it had remained continuously in print since its publication over four decades earlier.Released from the hospital, the diarist returns home, finally free of drugs.