Wpkg xml not updating

13-Jun-2018 08:13

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The other advantange of this way of doing things is that it uses a user-space network connection to the fileshare where your Wpkg source files are held, thus avoiding some hiccups in Wpkg where the System user can’t establish the network connection required to update in the background.

The reliability and visiblity of updates shot up when I installed this.

If we leave out the vcredist completely a Free CAD installation may not work and an average user won't know how to fix it.

My problem : I can do a silent install of Free CAD with /S switch, but the included vcredist install is not silent if a previous version is installed on the client. When I tested an installer a few weeks ago I also saw the vcredist installer but it was only flashing without popping up a dialog.

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We’ve got 4 PCs to update, and that can’t be uncommon in a modern household.You have control over what happens to unlocked components; uncheck boxes for components you do not want to update.If a component was deleted from the latest version of the application but is present in the tenant where you are installing the update, this component will be listed at the bottom of the tree.Combine that with subscribing to the announce maillists for your main software packages and life is much easier – in most cases you just download the new installers, update the version numbers in packages/*and make the coffee.

All your machines will update themselves next time they get used.

Check the box next to each deleted component if you want to delete that component as well.

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