Who is spencer pratt dating

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"You've only dated famous girls for the past six years, and I'm the attention whore? "[Kristin] Cavallari to LC [Lauren Conrad] to Lindsay Lohan to Avril Lavigne?" The outburst was in response to a radio interview Jenner had done with in May 2010, a few months before the series finale of The Hills.It originally chronicled the lives of Lauren Conrad, who appeared on its predecessor, her housemate Heidi Montag, and friends Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port.During the third season, Conrad ended her friendship with Montag after she suspected that the male Pratt was responsible for rumors of a sex tape involving her and her former boyfriend Jason Wahler; the ensuing feud between the three carried through each subsequent season.We did 15 takes and then she got right back in and we drove off and went to dinner and a movie, even though it looked on film like I’d just left her at the side of the road’).Moreover the couple even admit to selling stories about their break-up to various magazines – even though they were still very much together – in order to profit from audiences’ interest in their marriage.

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In 2010, the series underwent several casting adjustments and saw Pratt become a primary cast member, joining Patridge, Lo Bosworth, and Kristin Cavallari.

The fourth season saw Pratt's role increased, with more emphasis placed on her personal life and her past drug abuse.

During the fifth season, Stephanie worked with Lauren at Kelly Cutrone's People's Revolution, though Lauren ended Pratt's internship, per Cutrone's orders, due to poor performance.

’ ‘But you can’t live out of fear,’ adds Heidi, ‘it has to be out of love.

I do appreciate though that Spencer is a responsible person and just wants to make the best life for us that he can. We’re definitely not trying for kids now, but maybe in the next few years.’Frankly though, Heidi’s body has already gone through enough changes to last a lifetime.

It’s not the behaviour I would do if people weren’t paying, but I look back on it all and I’m embarrassed.