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Plus she also discusses details of her new music, her growing family, and her relationship with Louis Walsh.Revealing, emotional and hilarious world exclusive interviews with the biggest names in entertainment, hosted by Dan Wootton.And as the tide started to dramatically turn against the singer this week, her former band mater, Nadine Coyle, took to Twitter to share her thoughts on Sarah's time in the house.After acknowledging that she is a little behind on the drama unfolding inside the house, Nadine was keen to share her perspective on Sarah.Desperate to fulfill her dream of becoming a singer she told producers she was definitely of age… MORE: OMG pics – what has Sarah Harding done to her face? ‘Because yesterday I was giving an interview and I said the wrong date of birth…’ She attempted to hold onto the lie for as long as possible, but it wasn’t long before Nadine broke down – off camera – and confessed the truth, that she was in fact only 16-years-old.READ: All the latest celebrity news During an interview for the show, she said: ‘I’m Nadine Coyle, I’m from Derry, date of birth 15/6/85, making me a Gemini… ’ After checking the forms Nadine had signed, show organisers asked her to call home and have her passport sent down in order to verify her age. She was replaced in Six by singer Sarah Keating, and the group went on to earn the third biggest selling single in Irish chart history with their cover of Whole Lot Of Lovin'.However, the scandalous band ejection turned out ok for Nadine.

Sounding incredibly protective of her former bandmate, Nadine added: "If I was there, no one would DARE utter a bad word to her!

The star will also take part in How Bizarre, where they look back at some of the strangest moments in their life, as well as Bizarre's Digital Detox and one Bizarre Challenge.

Support for the former Girls Aloud member started to wane within days of her entering the house, with Sarah's emotional outbursts doing little to curry favour with the viewing public.

She hasn't started planning the wedding yet as obviously she is set to drop any second now.

But she can't wait to organise a big white wedding once she's settled into motherhood.'' Shortly after the proposal, the former Girls Aloud band member announced on Instagram that she was expecting a baby girl.When recording a to-camera piece, Nadine said: "Nadine Coyle, I'm from in Derry, date of birth 15th of the 6th '85, making me a Gemini and… "Over the now iconic clip, the narrator explained: "During her interview, Nadine gave an alarming date of birth. All band members must be 18 or older."She [previously] gave her date of birth as the 15th of June 1983, making her 18."When approached by the producers over the gaffe, Nadine insisted: "I gave you the wrong date of birth." And when asked for her passport, the singer began rummaging in her suitcase, well aware that she'd left it at home – wise, considering she'd completely lied about her age.