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No nudity is allowed at all in free chat on directcam, I think that is quite clear in the rules on AW.

No flashing at all, you must be clothed and covered in free.

I would never think of working on another site i love aw too much and know that it works and know that i always receive my money , the rules and the clientele it attracts i never appear nude in free and log off after a private so i can regain my modesty and composer the clients on these other sites must be awful and freeloaders bet there troll city too nah adultwork all the way for me xxx country-gal I used to cam on the other site mentioned, built up a pretty good name, 18k followers in less than 2 months which is pretty dam good, but then they started putting silly rules in and limiting on what girls could do eg only allowed to use toys of a certain size, no shows outside (even in a conservatory) and just other stupid stuff (that they had allowed for years prior!! You see some girls that will actually do a nights work, I'm talking like 4-5 hours for 500 tokens (£15) :o - It was a pain in the butt to get paid too, they sent their cheques as American ones so you'd loose money from the start with the exchange rate into a UK bank for each one there's a £9 fee to convert into a sterling account.

And honestly, I find AW pays alot better, and less freeloaders So overall yes it can work for some girls, but over all I'd pick AW anyday of the week - that's my 2 cents anyway =) I will be back in Spain soon so I will start Using AW webcam again in the meanwhile I am using chaturbate and everyone is welcome to use it is very good

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The concept of it is annoying but can be a very good money earner so I would get why someone would question this if they where from a cam site like that .

(not everyone reads t&c lol) When I was new to the world of camming I did show some boobage on aw and a quick suck of the bf (only like 5 secs ha ) I was just stupid and easily led - but alot of the time it did lead to pvt or grp as they wanted to see my skills lol .


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So now they get a booby jiggle or a shadow cock !!! No harm in sitting naked in free , just dont show . I'm sticking with adultwork yes its a nightmare when jci plays up etc but that goes with the job i guess ! But when you think of the conversion rate & al that jazz, working your butt for 1000 tokens is only actually about £30.

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I often only log on for a little while and like to be able to do other things while I am waiting for my bleep that says I am in private/group, so it wouldn't work for me, being on cam full time waiting for tips to come in.

Also means I can't cater to my different types of customer, a few of mine want quite specific chat.I never go naked in freeview, but have noticed a few times, that my live thumbnail is still working when I am in group, although I have not ticked that box on my directcam settings, so have been seen naked and playing in free, which I do not want, as if I did, I would tick the box.