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29-Oct-2017 20:05

I´ve lived in the hills of Vermont for ages and absolutely love it.

There is nothing like the tranquility of sitting by the mountain streams, standing on the peak of a mountain, or looking out over the rolling fields of farmlands. I like in-depth conversations, late nights, early mornings, autumn, Halloween, movies, writing, just to name a few.

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I'm interested in technology, mythical creatures, photography, and a few other things.

I'm interested in someone who feels like they can Hi! I´m going back to school for my MA in my home state of VT--so not sure how much time I´ll have Born and raised VTer, and went to a state college, never flew off and left the nest, lol.

Also like to go for walks or play basketball on my free time. I'm a full time mom, full time Polyamourous pan gender Queer pervert Bdsm freak tattoo and piercing friendly and respectful professional Dominatrix, I'm healthy, Mature, Confident and comfortable with myself, I'm open minded accepting and non judgemental Succinctly, I am an energetic mouthful of contradictions. I´m humorous,spirited, LOVING,gentle,serious,not serious(! I'm blond and blue eyed with a good sense of humor and an interest in exploring new places, especially when there's a beach(sorry no third world countries).

I enjoy tangential conversations and people who can make fun of themselves. What interests me most are women that aren't afraid to try new things, and will roll with whatever life brings about. I am impressed with Vermont politics and am proud to live here. I like hiking,camping,whale watching,cook,art, my fav. I enjoy conversation with friends I am a 31 yr old woman living in Northern Vermont.

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Love cooking, spending time with my family and friends.I moved in with my dad and I am a genderqueer person who likes to work, relax, be alone, and be with others.I love to cook; first it brings sanity; then you get to eat!I find it difficult to develop trust in others and that makes it hard for me to form meaningful connections. i like cuddling and being draped on my partners arm. i can have a crude seance of humor but i know how to laugh at I´m easy-going. I love to make people laugh but serious down to earth convo´s are awesome too. i want to do a lot of things with my life such as be a cosmotologist, a RN, and own my own bar coyote ugly style; i could live at the beach I am a single mother of one son, looking for someone who likes children, or at least teen-aged boys (we are a package deal.) I am looking for a butch who likes tattoos and motorcycles. I think love is a wonderful I am a romantic at heart, very spontaneous and can really be a chamelion when it comes to what my friends and I get into at times (but that is my typical Gemini traits showing thru), lol...

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Although i may come off a little sour, I know that my sense of humor I love to spend time with my kids whom are 4 and 2, they are my world. (Kudos if you have both already.) I have two I am a woman who´s done her therapeutic work and ready to meet someone who´s done the same! I am flirty and active as well I'm interested in meeting new friends as well as women interested in pursuing a relationship.Cute lesbians who listen to Mirah or The Blow, or watch good lesbian web series. My name is Rebecca, people tend to call me Rebecca or Becky depending on how they meet me.