Updating tribe 2 to tribe 3

19-Oct-2017 04:00

updating tribe 2 to tribe 3-89

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2014-01-02- fixed: hero outfit and parameters don't changes on game lobby- warning popup added when you try send to Town more resources than it can store- warning popup added when you try select to research coupled Tech- Now to use Fish (and some other items) you must drop it to idol whirlwind- Now unit dismiss button won't hide - fixed: fixed: unable to cancel building destruction - fixed: unable to use Wrath of Kotigoroshko- fixed: sometime, especially when server is lagging, you can accidentally multiply use or buy some item- now if friend help is temporary disabled, appropriate button will disabled hint added- now friend help requests and results will appear in private chat tab - now if it is possible, will show kingdom name of player which ask friend help to speedup construction- now player can be silenced in game by moderator- other fixes2014-01-10- Now you will get special item "Thank You Package" for every 10 recieved friend help.

You cannot use it, but can give it to any friend (open inventory, drop this item to special button with rounded arrows in right bottom corner of screen,type full target nickname in opened popup (like "[email protected]" or "berserker#1") and press OK)- now when you enter the game, you will see last N messages in common chat- fixed: explorer tutorial (invalid hint to empty place)- now to change Hero build it require special items "Potion of ..."- fixed: two similar private chat tabs ( Now if you send PM to offline player, he can recieve you PM when be online.

We hope =)- Loader fixes2013-11-12- Fixed a trade screen bug.

Now proposals from the towns which are too far to satisfy the trade proposal delivery time requirements should not be visible anymore.

But it don't guarantee than all messages will recieved.- fixed: Wrait of Kotigoroshko did not work on buildings of level 1- now you can write PM to someone by type in chat: /w "full target nick" message- fixed: now unable to attack someone if you have active Truce effect- fixed: in some cases Paton's Hammer can be used without asking player- now player can be banned in game by moderator- fixed: in some cases invalid text word wrapping - fixed: in some cases unable to buy items in cash shop- other fixes2014-01-21- Clock added (top right corner of window)- Aliance page fixes- Now when you are member of aliance, diplomatic rules will have effect to your actions.

There are small table of abilities: spying / slunder / onslaught / reinforcementkingdom to kingdom clan member to kingdom kingdom to clan member clanmate to clanmate - - - Clan to clan: Neutrality - Clan to clan: War -Clan to clan: Peace Pact - - Clan to clan: Ally - - - Vassal to Suzerain - - - Suzerain to Vassal - - Aliance system is in development mode now, so, if you want help to test it you should know this: Each clan member has clan preivilegies: Neofit - minimal level Commander – (work in progress).

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updating tribe 2 to tribe 3-13

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The featured ROM only applies to Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 and should never be installed to any other devices.He was born in Syrup Village, and was first mentioned by Yasopp, his father.He was officially the third (unofficially fourth) member of the crew, and the third to join, and, including Nami and Robin, also the third to rejoin, doing so at the end of the Post-Enies Lobby Arc.Lack of this information has proved to generate notable amount of confusion, so we hope that initiating this thread will make your playing experience much more comfortable.

And any way it is always great to know what is going on, right?This screen provides easy way to interact with player (add/remove to friend/ignore list, invite/kick from aliance, customize aliance permission and so on).

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