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20-Jun-2017 14:40

Plug your unit into your computer and open My Drive Connect. Click "Overview View Updates." Click in the box next to any available updates, then click the “Update Selected” button.After the update finishes installing, the device will restart.The company offers two different software programs to update your maps depending on what device you have: My Drive Connect and Tom Tom HOME.

Click the “Eject” button and disconnect your unit from your computer, then click “Use my activation code” in the main menu of the Tom Tom HOME program.

While some Tom Tom updates are paid, you can update your device for free with the company’s “Latest Map Guarantee” if you’ve purchased it recently or if you have a device or app that includes Lifetime Maps.

When you purchase most new Tom Tom devices, the company gives you some time to download any updates released since your unit was manufactured.

If you purchase a product that has Lifetime Maps, you’ll be able to update it for free at least four times a year for the lifetime of your unit.

Some products come with lifetime updates for the map regions preinstalled on your device, while others include World Lifetime Maps, meaning you can download maps for any region supported by your device without paying extra.If your Tom Tom unit came with a promotion or activation code for Lifetime Maps, enter the code in the Tom Tom software to download future map updates.