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Aim: The aim was to develop a conceptualized understanding of chaplain's spiritual care process based on neuro-physiological principles of mindfulness and interpersonal empathy.

Materials and Methods: Current understandings on neuro-physiological mechanisms of mindfulness-based interventions (MBI) and interpersonal empathy such as theory of mind and mirror neuron system are used to build a theoretical framework for chaplain's spiritual care process.

It effectively modulates emotional arousal and cultivate compassion while down-regulating emotional centers such as amygdala.

Mindfulness meditation also trains the prefrontal cortex to promote stable recruitment of non-conceptual sensory pathways-an alternative to conventional cognitive reappraisal strategies-which in turn reduces habitual negative self-evaluative processing of the brain, and consequentially leads to healing.

Mindfulness meditation and its intervention in clinical care has been the most widely studied model of spiritual care; elaborate understandings on the neuro-physiological mechanisms of this model would serve to build our theoretical frame-work of chaplaincy process.Pathologically, hyper-functioning of amygdalae causes excessive ruminations of past pain and/or worries about the future which characterizes suffering and depression and other psychiatric symptoms such as anxiety, panic or paranoia.On the other hand, cortical circuits arising from hippocampus, cingulate, prefrontal and temporo-parietal areas, involved in learning and memory processing, help in modulating cortical arousal and its responses to emotional stimuli.Theory and practice of chaplain's spiritual care process: A psychiatrist's experiences of chaplaincy and conceptualizing trans-personal model of mindfulness.

Indian J Psychiatry 2015;-9How to cite this URL: Parameshwaran R.

Harvard Divinity School, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA, Adibhat Foundation for Integrating Medicine and Spirituality, Greater Kailash-I, New Delhi, India Click here for correspondence address and email Background: Of various spiritual care methods, mindfulness meditation has found consistent application in clinical intervention and research.