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Naturally, the gang go one step further than most of us normally would and hunt down this rude arsehole purely to return the insult. Is there anybody out there that doesn’t find the Mc Poyle family grossly hysterical? The Mc Poyles are some of the most popular recurring characters on the show, so how great is it that we get an episode that introduces us to their extended family? Well, it turns out that Liam Mc Poyle is getting married to Dennis’ ex-wife – Maureen Ponderosa.The episode also features the return of a fan-favourite character – Dr. And yes, the entire clan are exactly as you would imagine them to be.revolves around the exploits of the owners of Paddy’s Pub – These people are without a doubt some of the worst folk humanity has to offer.Each and every one of them is selfish, and quite possibly barking mad.

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To Charlie’s surprise (and ours) the Waitress agrees to spend time with him on the beach.Mantis Toboggan, an alter-ego of Frank’s first introduced in the episode The D. If you thought that a Mc Poyle-Ponderosa wedding would be a pretty standard affair, you would be so wrong. Okay, yes, it does start off relatively normal (as normal as a wedding such as this could be), but things quickly decent into pure madness. This episode has a special place in my heart, dear readers, for it was the first episode that gave me one of my very first bouts of uncontrollable laughter relating to this show.It’s a treat just to see a whole load more of the delightfully strange Mc Poyles, but what really puts the icing on the cake is a cameo by the superb Guillermo del Toro as the utterly bizarre Papa My Poyle. While the whole episode is great, the best part occurs right towards the very end.Charlie has discovered Dee’s stash of steroids and has become much more unstable than usual, something that results in the two getting into a roid-induced fight.

Of course, Dee wouldn’t even be on steroids if it wasn’t for Dennis and Mac – towards the beginning of the episode, the three of them are held up by a knife wielding meth head, and I’m sure this won’t surprise you, but the two guys run off, leaving Dee behind, causing her to begin training with the goal of increasing her self-defence skills.But oh well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.