Sweet dee is dating a retarded

17-Aug-2017 15:05

The ending too, with Lil' Kevin -- who was in fact not retarded -- doing an insulting rap song about Dee was just okay and lacked any real kick.

And come on, Charlie and Dennis were so outlandish and ridiculous in the silver costumes, big wigs and choreographed claps they chose for their rival band to Mac's that if I were in that crowd, I would have given them more of a chance than the Paddy's audience just for the campy factor!

They explain how they don’t want Dennis in their band because he is into that 80’s glam rock stuff and it’s not where their “artistic direction” is heading.

I found this statement to be funny because most rock bands who end up breaking up usually say it’s because of different artistic direction, such as one of the reasons the band Pink Floyd broke up; but it is merely an excuse rather than an ultimate reason. Mac insists that it’s okay that they can’t play instruments because nowadays all you have to do is rock and look cool to be successful; which is unfortunately true about rock music these days.

scenario, as Dee is excited to be dating a popular local rapper, only for Dennis to put the idea in her mind that he's retarded.

But it was just so-so in the execution, not delivering the constant laughs most episodes do.

This week's random escapade for the gang came from Mac being inspired by the success of Dee's boyfriend, "Lil' Kevin", to start a band to make money.

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I think the message that is trying to be conveyed here is that anyone who strives for anything can accomplish it if they try hard enough.

Dennis and Charlie's short-lived band was indeed pretty funny, but easily the highlight of the half hour was Charlie's song "Night Man", which is what got him kicked out of Chemical Toilet.

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