Starview 3 not updating

19-Dec-2017 20:03

The Call of Duty games, Battlefield, Starcraft, Warcraft, lol... Originally Posted by horrorview Thanks so much John!I am an AVID gamer, so it would be a nice fit for me. I tend to just walk around and kill everybody rather than do a proper mission, but I so love the design and theme that I thought it would make a nifty theme for the phone. I don't quite know how to tie anything in to apps like Cookie's Home Tab, but I do know that this would at least require some the wallpaper patch! Like I said, this is why a group effort (one guy who makes pretty pictures, and the rest who actually know what to do with them) would be for the best! This is a joint op between myself and [★], with me doing the graphics and skins and [★] doing the odd visual thing and bringing it all together into a functional and, imho, really freakin’ cool theme : P Changes in Ver. It's common that many icons will NOT change without going to My Device/Application Data/HTC/Prog Launcher and deleting all of the files in there first!

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