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Just outside, hidden in a moving van, there were at least a half dozen more people -- local city cops, the so-called Takedown Team -- all armed and ready to spring at a moment's notice.

A couple of months ago, when Schrack showed up at an audition at the NBC studios in Burbank, California, he hadn't really known what he was getting himself into.

The cell phone was plugged in to a recording device.

Before placing the phone in its cradle, Schrack had punched in the number of a man he knew as Wil, and now he was listening to the ringing in the headphones.

Yesterday, at around p.m., a young actor named Dan Schrack leaned back against a folding table and held a tubular, bendable microphone close to his lips.

Headphones pinioned his blond Prince Valiant hairdo over his ears. Pepper, and a packet of Pepto-Bismol sat on the table, as did a Motorola cell phone.

He had been in Los Angeles a few years, a twenty-one-year-old whose naturally rosy cheeks and guileless smile make him appear much younger.

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And these were only the people actually within the house.The cameraman pulls back, revealing again all the ingredients at once: the bush, the cop, the wheelbarrow, the red fence.A few seconds of this and then the view drifts upward to a chaos of tree branches against an overcast November sky. Even on the basis of just those two syllables, most would intuit that the owner of the voice is either a radio or television reporter.The cameraman zooms in past the cop to the patio area beyond, to a lattice of firewood and the blur of something green. While the shot of this particular wheelbarrow is superfluous to the television program being filmed here today and will be edited out along with most of the rest of this raw footage, there happens to be a story about the man inside the house in which a wheelbarrow plays a much more prominent role.

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The story begins more than two decades ago, at a party in another house not far from this one.A long view from a different camera shows the same cop in the same gateway. Get a look at him and it's obvious he's the latter, standing self-consciously erect, hands on narrow hips, a plumb line between the top of his head and his heels, posture and hair perfect. and Chris Hansen, the host of "To Catch a Predator," a recurring series on NBC's television news program, arrived here at this morning, having gotten hardly any sleep the night before. Although aspects of his show are tightly choreographed, Hansen and the rest of his production team must always remain loose limbed, ready to adapt to changing circumstances and unpredictable hours.