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I gave the aforementioned, fart-fueled lapdance, and then went and found another jar full of this mysterious substance, mixed with boogers, and collected some rat poop.

After mixing it all together with some gin and tonic, I farted on it, punched a baby, and delivered it to the Strip Club DJ.

” The dispute ends up in court, with Randy saying the protests are making all white people look bad, and therefore ruining his TV show with in the title. ”) But when that fails, Randy offers a truce by offering the rednecks exactly what they want: jerbs.

(Er, jobs.) The rednecks end up replacing all of the digital assistants in town, with Cartman’s Echo replaced by a guy named Jim Bob, who’s happy to read the time and play Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble”… One redneck named Darryl doesn’t want to be an Alexa, though: He wants something “goddamn dignified” and, when Randy confronts him at a bar, he launches into a crazy white-power rant. He ends up getting a home makeover — and being very happy with it, actually!

Cartman gets instantly bummed out, though, when his girlfriend Heidi arrives: All they do is bicker, with Cartman groaning and muttering at her every word.

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Successfully executing humour in games is difficult, because so much of comedy is timing.A lot of what you actually do in South Park is throw items at shiny objects that are out of reach to get them in your hands, or interact with yellow doorknobs or handles to open things.That’s easy enough, if a little finicky at times, but The Fractured But Whole’s significantly enhanced loot and crafting systems make it much more rewarding than they were in the first game.Breakable objects in the environment can be blown up with a combination of firecrackers and farts, because, of course, farts are flammable.

Instead of just making certain characters funny, it makes you feel like you’re hand-crafting the humour yourself.Randy tries to convince him to change and adapt, using home-renovation metaphors. Later, Cartman runs to his friends in tears and (hilariously) wrapped in a shawl, accusing Heidi of being “mentally abusive.” And after he loses his Echo, he comes to Heidi’s door apologizing and promising to do the best he can. ” at her doesn’t go over great, though.) His short-lived epiphany wears off when he finds a stash of forgotten digital assistants in the trash.