Slave master chat flirt

05-Dec-2017 08:04

At least two of these could have been episode-enders in and of themselves, but the best reveal – the reveal that recasts all of the smaller reveals so far this season in a new light – was saved for last.

Okay, so let me try to set this huge surprising twist up for you the way I saw and felt it.

These scenes were fascinating to watch, as both parties are exceedingly intelligent and used light chit-chat and seemingly innocent questions to draw intel out of the other.

This is at its best – where the eccentricities of human beings are juxtaposed against the formalities of the modern world they inhabit, and we get to see how well each character is able to maintain their individual facade of normalcy.

‘s second season, I fluctuated back and forth between equally strong feelings of optimism and despair.

And the way Ray acts as an innocent victim of circumstance in all this makes him somehow even more ominous – or perhaps childlike?This episode was nothing if not intense, and the scenes between Elliot and Ray were mesmerizing for me.We’ve been wondering since his appearance whether or not Ray is a “good” guy, and in this episode we get at least a temporary answer: no, he’s not.We understand her to be utterly ambitious and willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve her goals, but as she killed her henchman and insisted that he remained conscious to witness his own horrible death, she showed a sense of cruelty that trumped the cold efficiency that previously defined her character.

It was a creative decision, sure, but one that diminishes the character in an attempt to make the episode more jaw-dropping and brutal.It was trademark surrealist humor, and was a study in contradictions – being both joyful and dark, revealing and mysterious. Robot’s way of shielding Elliot from the physical torture he is currently enduring at the hands of Ray and his crew, and the dream was thematically inspired by the booming TV in the hospital room he is being kept in.