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19-Apr-2018 00:08

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The survey, called “The Truth about Pets and Dating” is a fascinating read.

Here are the top five takeaways: 1: Adopting Pets Is Sexy!

Mc Dermott's concerns won't change Pelzer's plans to return to Pets

She remembers unpleasant run-ins with dates from sites that don't cater to animal lovers — once a man nudged her pooch off the couch.

The next time you think about paying big bucks for a pure breed, consider that 59% of singles agreed that they would find a date more attractive if he or she adopted a pet rather than purchased it.

Just one more reason to adopt one of the 7.6 companion animals that enter shelters in the United States each year.

In fact, if your new gluten-free hunk or babe doesn’t get along with Fluffy or Rex, your relationship might not stand a chance!

about one's passion makes it feel like you are looking for a needle in a smaller and far more relevant and appealing haystack,' said Michal Ann Strahilevitz, a professor of marketing at Golden Gate University in San Francisco.'Dogs on first dates are amazing icebreakers,' said Kris Rotonda, who started up the site last year that now has 2 million members.

Only 66 percent of dog owners would consider dating a cat person. Dating Might Be A Challenge The statistic that surprised me the most in this survey is that a whopping 66 percent of singles who answered the Pet Smart survey said that they wouldn’t date someone who didn’t like pets.

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