Sikh and inter racial dating

04-Dec-2017 15:02

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Much milder resistance to mixed unions is illustrated in Canada by matchmaking ads in South Asian newspapers.Parents, for the most part, post the ads because they wish their son or daughter to marry in the same community.Pollster Reg Bibby has found 92 per cent of Canadians now support the concept of mixed unions.The implication is only narrow-minded bigots oppose them.For instance, Stats Can reports 40 per cent of visible minority members in the small cities of Trois-Rivières and Moncton are in mixed unions.But in Toronto only 11 per cent of visible minorities are doing so. The findings suggest that in major metropolises, where there is a critical mass of certain ethnic groups, visible minorities are much more likely to partner with someone of their own skin pigment and background.

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While 75 per cent of couples with at least one Japanese person included partnerships outside their visible minority, only 17 per cent of couples involving an ethnic Chinese person were mixed unions. In other words, the larger and more concentrated the ethnic group, the less likely it will produce a mixed relationship.

The Ajit Weekly, for instance, publishes scores of personal ads in which parents of a particular cultural Sikh group from northern India, the “Jats,” routinely seek a “Jat Sikh” partner for offspring.

There are even more subtle shifts – involving demographics – working against mixed unions.

Tragically, in some ultraconservative ethnic cultures, opposition to inter-ethnic marriages exists in the form of so-called “honour killings.” In “honour killings,” fathers, mothers and other family members feel entitled to murder young females who dare to experiment with liberal ways regarding relationships, including dating outside their ethnic group.

The Canadian government maintains there have so far been 19 such killings in this country.They feel the tide toward mixed relationships is good and inexorable.

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