Sex dating in hellertown pennsylvania

23-Apr-2018 12:35

Mull was committed to Northampton County Prison in lieu of 0,000 bail following a preliminary arraignment Sunday before District Judge Joseph K. A preliminary hearing before Barner is scheduled for Nov.

A Pennsylvania grand jury implicated more than 50 priests and religious leaders who have served at churches across the state in a sex-abuse scandal dating back 40 years.

As part of an effort to cover up the abuse, Bishop Adamec created a "pay out chart," the investigation found.

For example, victims who were fondled above clothing were given ,000 to ,000.

Investigators say the scandal was covered up by two of the diocese's bishops, who together have headed the diocese since 1966.

One of the bishops even created a "pay out chart" detailing cash payments to be given to victims based on the type of the abuse reported."Predator after predator" came before the grand jury to testify, with many of the alleged predators saying this was the first time law enforcement ever questioned them.

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Some were abused in their sleep, investigators found.

The bishops avoided investigation into the claims and instead would use code words like "sick leave" and "nervous exhaustion" to justify moving alleged predator priests to another location, the grand jury found.