Sean penn daughter dating

23-Jan-2018 02:59

Many people were surprised to see pictures of Sean Penn kissing 24-year-old actress Leila George in Hawaii on Thursday — not least his girlfriend.A source tells Page Six that Penn, 56, had been quietly dating a woman since the spring, and she believed that she and the star were in an exclusive relationship — until she saw the steamy shots of Penn and George smooching in the Pacific.New pictures show him looking jacked while playing with some puppies and spending time with his girlfriend, Leila George. And yes I’ve been sleeping on this – other outlets have covered it going back a year.

Less than one week ago, Leila posted an Instagram of her with Sean in a recording studio working on an upcoming audiobook in Malibu.

What do they possibly talk about, once they come up for air?

George was born in Australia, the daughter of “The Magnificent Seven” actor and Italian-Australia actress Greta Scacchi, who starred in “Presumed Innocent” with Harrison Ford.

Penn has since gone public with George, taking her as his date to an art event back in LA.

Penn was spotted earlier this week playing tonsil hockey with actress Leila George in Hawaii, who is 32 years younger than Penn, which would also mean she’s a year younger than Penn’s daughter Dylan, according to the New York Daily News.

” Which I won’t make fun of, because I don’t want Sean Penn to hunt me down and beat me like a used rug.