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I think she’s in the Bottom “FIll in the Number” tonight. And we don’t really care, because it’s not Melanie, Marko, or Tadd.That leaves the Jess/Jordan rhumba, which didn’t move me, but I did enjoy Jess, and it’s great to see, readign the bb’s today, how much of a following he’s developed.Fun to watch, because, duh, Pasha, but otherwise, in the middle. For as easy as these are to make and as rich and amazing they look and taste when done, folks will think you are a rock star baker in the kitchen. Okay, now that we’re done working up a serious craving for chocolate and cheesecake, let’s give away some free stuff! Just send me an email to [email protected] a few title ideas (in case I’m out of your first choice) and an address and your prize will wing its way to you! Winner gets a book of their choice from my Big TIme Author Bookshelf! And don’t forget, you have until Friday to enter to win a book here. Tags: Writing by Donna 2 Comments » I hope you all survived the sweltering blast furnace that has been our national weather of late. Or at least watch the leaves change color and fall from the trees because it’s autumn…and not because they’ve been baked to death. Just send an email to [email protected] “Send me the scorcher! I’ll draw a name from the entry pile and announce it here Friday. Clarice and Jordan made the bottom two as did Mitchell and Ricky. Okay, time to do fun stuff and give away a free book!! Get your entries in, winner chosen when the next cupcake recipe is posted! First, I do understand why they have the solo’s in the dance for your life bit, but, otherwise, what’s the point?Anya/Ricky ballroom was fun to watch, nice to see Anya, and poor Ricky trying to keep up with her. Caitlynn/Ivan hiphop I really enjoyed….because of Ivan. And the thing I loved about this cupcake is that the filling is so easily “inserted” into the cake. Thanks to all who entered this week’s Cupcake Blog Candy contest over at Cakes by the Cup Blog. Well, if things are going to stay scorching on the outside, then we might as well stay inside, grab a glass of something cold and thirst quenching…and opt for another kind of scorching heat. Winner gets a copy of any book from my website bookshelf! (Which brings up another question…was it bottom two girls, and bottom two guys? And are you excited about next week’s Top 8 All Stars? Hello, Ivan (Season 2), Jaimie (Season 3), Anya (Season 3), Pasha (Season 3), Lauren G (Season 3), Neil (Season 3), Ade (Season 5), Lauren F (Season 7)!! Thank you all for entering this week’s shortened Free Stuff Friday contest with such enthusiasm! Hope everyone is staying safe from the heat today!! Did a single solo change your mind about any of the contestants? I’d rather they combine all the solo time and have them do a brief group number or something.But I did very much enjoy watching the two powerhouses duel it out. Melanie was the hands down victor, but both were compelling to watch. I, like Gaga, was a little over the props, but I very much enjoyed the fun they had. The waltz with Tadd & Caitlynn was a little too slow, but I couldn’t take my eyes off the uber suave Tadd, so I managed to get through it.It wasn’t a long-term memorable routine, but infectious and fun while it was going on. I loved the Gaga continued to try and get Caitlynn out of Pageant Girl Mode.Third place would be Tadd, who did well with his part in both his routines. He put his charm and swivel out there and kept up with her, which in a piece as fast as that one, is actually saying a lot for someone who has never done ballroom before.

Seriously, I do not get how that song was ever popular, even for Tina Turner. This one comes from Stephanie Gamverona, in South Korea, who, you might recall, WON our Original Cupcake Recipe contest last month and will be seeing her Sweet Peach Tea recipe published in the back of the upcoming SWEET STUFF, the second book in my Cupcake Club Romance series. That’s when the new cupcake recipe goes up…and the latest winner will be announced! Where there could be a rather wide range of actual voting totals…) Then Nigel & Co decided who went home from that group, and, oh look, it’s back to 1 guy and 1 girl. Even the opening group number was like Fosse-less Fosse. I really don’t random rules….) And, buh bye, Clarice & Mitchell. And that said, while some solos shone more than others (Sasha, Mitchell, Tadd…) I was altogether meh about watching them.Certified Fresh Movies and TV shows are Certified Fresh with a steady Tomatometer of 75% or higher after a set amount of reviews (80 for wide-release movies, 40 for limited-release movies, 20 for TV shows), including 5 reviews from Top Critics. Once we learned that, like last week, there would be 2 girls and 2 guys in the bottom, and the judges were sending two home, I didn’t expect any surprises.And half naked Neil only sealed this as one of my favorites for the season. For me, if Bottom Three comes from the pack of 8, gender non-specific, then it would be Jordan, Caitlyn, and…Ricky. And sorry, Ricky, you’re adorable, but you won’t win up against the Tadd/Marko team, and Jess really has a foundation going. Here’s the recipe: Sweet Ebony Cupcakes Ingredients: 1 package dark chocolate cake mix (as well as necessary ingredients listed on package such as water, oil, eggs, etc) *Note: I used a dark devil’s food mix…mmmmm! Line cupcake tins with paper or foil baking cups and spray lightly over top with cooking spray. Mix chocolate cake mix according to package directions. It will miraculously sink to the bottom of the cupcake when baked! Okay, so here’s how the top ten dancers w/ their respective All Stars worked it out….

Top Three Dancers this week would be Melanie, who was the only one who really owned both performances, followed by Marko, who owned the Alison-paired piece and did a damn good job in hip hop for a contemporary guy. ¼ cup dark cocoa powder 1 package (8 oz.) cream cheese 1 egg, beaten slightly ¼ cup sugar 1 cup dark chocolate chips Steps: 1. Add in additional cocoa powder, then pour batter into prepared cupcake cups. First up, Marko & Chelsie doing a samba: Chelsie certainly delivered the bulk of the eye catchy stuff, as the girls do in this combo, but I thought Marko handled it all pretty well.Maybe it’s just design show fatigue on my part, but it all seemed like kind of a yawn. I do know one thing that’s IN and that’s the winner of this week’s Free Stuff Friday contest!! Mostly because she pretty much kept Nigel in check. I thought, overall, the choreographers shone last night, mostly because of Mandy Moore and Sonja Tayeh.