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05-Aug-2017 00:14

Painting a picture of following your dreams: check. When you list TV shows, try: These little tweaks will transform your profile from just another click into an intimate, exciting hook that leaves readers dying to get to know you! Look, actually, ALL questions in most online dating profiles are boring at their core, because they’re all the same across all users of the site.

“Six things you can’t live without.” “You should message me if…” Ugh. That gets old no matter how punchy you aim to make it.

But the philosophy behind Q&A strategy applies to all different sites.

Break the mold; talk like a person; invite conversation; be playful; try to introduce humor.

” Or should I say, “I get really clingy around month three and it scares guys off, so here I am, solo!

” The world already gives single girls the side-eye; there really is no need to bring up singledom on dates.

Then work backwards to extrapolate: what are the important things? Try poking fun at yourself, alluding to the fact that you’re using your BA in Macroeconomics to craft excellent espresso shots because economic downfall. The profile isn’t just about you as a person, after all; it’s a tool to capture the extremely fleeting interest of people who might actually get along with you as a person.

Beer, family, pets, outdoorsiness, physical activity, friendship/generosity, nerdy TV binges, cooking/veganism/animal welfare (AND generosity and friendship again), a job you love. PLUS, this demonstrates that you can cook, that you keep fit, and that you have an active social life, and it showcases some of your values. Try saying you use your expensive Harvard Business degree to ultimately slave away at a nonprofit that means you’re on track to pay off your loans ten years after mortuary tables indicate you’re likely to die. So it’s OK to game it a little; the system is begging to be toyed with!

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Some of you may be thinking that this question means the guy is trying to plan a future date for us. There is no faster way to make me feel like I’m failing at life than to ask me why I’m single.In the field “What I’m doing with my life,” try: “This sounds eerily like that over-bearing uncle at family gatherings, you know?‘So, Leo, did you finally figure out that being a film major was a worthless life choice?Oh, and a golden tip I tell people when I work with them directly? (You know, the one called “All about me” or “self-summary” or whatever.) By the time you’re done with the rest of your profile, you will have loosened up a bit as a writer, and you’ll also be a little sick of filling it out…

so you’re more likely to be both punchy and brief, both of which are effective and will set you apart from other profiles.You’re so pretty, I’m surprised someone hasn’t taken you off the market!