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We literally re-align our organizational strategy and design in a way that supports sustainable innovation and the task at hand.We recognise that developing a commercially viable new service or product takes more than just a good idea.PIM's aims in the renewable energy sector are to increase knowledge on sustainable development & energy solutions, and to help develop awareness through local initiatives for the intelligent use and conservation of energy requirements.Projects in Motion is currently undertaking R&D on the integration of 'Concentrated Solar Power' in novel applications like CHP, desalination and solar cooling.In scenes reminiscent of those that followed the funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales in London in 1997, the white Cadillac hearse carrying Mr Fortuyn's coffin was swamped by flowers as it passed by, while the crowds broke into applause.The funeral not only attracted those who had turned Mr Fortuyn, 54, into Holland's brightest political phenomenon, but many others who did not share his anti-immigration views but viewed his assassination as akin to the murders of John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King.

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We also focus on other issues and topics simply because we find them important and interesting; and because we can.

Since he was shot while leaving a radio station studio in Hilversum on Monday, Holland has been overcome with grief, with carpets of floral tributes laid outside Mr Fortuyn's home in Rotterdam, the city's council house and the scene of the murder.

On Thursday, seven days before the country goes to the polls in a general election, 20,000 people, many in tears, filed past Mr Fortuyn's open coffin as he "lay in state" at the brown-brick cathedral of Laurentius and Elisabeth for seven hours.

Then yesterday, the port city, where Mr Fortuyn's List party had won 37 per cent of the vote in council elections two months ago, came to a halt for several hours as the cortege passed through his stronghold for 45 minutes to enable people to pay their final respects.

Symbolically, the cortege began its journey from the Erasmus bridge, dedicated to one of the founding fathers of Rotterdam, and then passed by the city's major landmarks, including the council house, where the city's green and white flag flew at half-mast.

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