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Emotional cheating, emotional infidelity and emotional intimacy — real Christian marriage topics that we cover honestly and openly.

Growthtrac provides marriage help from dozens of the top Since we’re content neutral, we won’t limit your quest to resources written by a single author or organization.

Don't let your to-do list be running through the back of your mind. Care about him and then take your turn," says Patricia. Something like, "Thanks for taking Jason to soccer every Saturday. Oh, who has time to date, much less to write romantic notes or buy sexy lingerie? What it means for you: It sounds simplistic, but it's a tenet of good marriages: Have sex. It can be hard for some women to remember that their marriage should be the first priority on their list, says Dr. The other woman has the advantage of being able to put her lover first—because she doesn't have the other distractions.

I'm so pleased I married the kind of man who's really involved in the kids' activities" tells him you notice his fatherhood chops. It's true that sexual desire waxes and wanes and that there are often mismatches between partners, but try to find common ground, says Dr. "You should have some physical closeness and contact at least once a week. More is the exception—but at least it should be consistent." Another point, adds Quinlan: "Keep sex as an enjoyable, joyful part of your relationship, and don't withhold it as punishment," which only casts it in a negative light. What it means for you: Continually remind yourself that the husband-wife relationship is primary. Put the kids to bed early so you can snuggle on the couch together. Be interested in his work, hobbies and accomplishments.

What it means for you: Take interest in what he's interested in, such as asking him to explain why that particular soccer game is important to the league, or flipping through his car magazine.

We accomplish that here through thousands of relevant marriage articles and marriage enrichment resources — and at Growthtrac Radio. Our world cannot settle simply for “good” marriages. As a Christian Marriage ministry, Growthtrac applies biblical truth to the core of all we do.

That means, instead of the standard “safe” marriage advice you might find on other Christian marriage sites, we offer marriage topics covering real relationship issues, providing marriage relationship advice that can make a difference today in your life. For example, many common marriage help topics today relate to emotional issues.

Based on the results of a tailored premarital or marital inventory, couples immediately receive a 20-page Couple Checkup Report on their relationship.

Couples also receive an extensive Discussion Guide designed to help them learn proven relationship skills.

"It's exhausting to be around." Similarly, don't worry about aging.

"Women often get confused, believing that affairs happen as they get older, gain weight or are otherwise less physically attractive to their spouse," says Dr. But men more often report having affairs to meet their emotional needs, irrespective of their wife's physical appearance. Yes, it's that simple—and that complex, says Patricia.

Whether you need to repair or refresh your marriage: we’re here for you.