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23-Feb-2018 05:00

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There are many topics that will be missed and many touched upon that deserve a more detailed exploration.

Positions taken and references cited will at times have some of you nodding in agreement and others shaking their fists in agitated disagreement.

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Please watch that video and read Nabeel Qureshi’s article.As readers of my blog will know, I was previously a devoutly practicing Muslim; born and raised within the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.In my youth, I would study the nuanced doctrinal differences between There’s a lot of ground to cover, so at times, I will defer to articles and videos that explore this material, serving as your curator.Finally, Ahmadi positions on contemporary issues like homosexuality and women in leadership roles, will be discussed.

This article does not attempt to be all things to all audiences.Coverage of this smaller faction within Ahmadiyya Islam and the theological arguments between the two groups is outside the scope of this article.