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This tells us there's an opportunity to raise awareness while helping to educate young people as they navigate the complex combination of today's dating scene and the ever-changing world of technology." According to the survey, warning signs of digital dating abuse young people have experienced include: survey further illustrate the need for more education, ensuring young adults and teens are building healthy relationships in all contexts and across all landscapes, including the digital world." The 2017 survey is part of Don't Look Away campaign which works to educate the public on recognizing the signs of an abusive relationship, how to take action and to raise awareness for support services.

In partnership with Wakefield Research, 1,000 young people ages 13-24 nationwide participated in the survey as a representation of America's young population. and The Mary Kay Foundationâ„  have given has inspired women to achieve their entrepreneurial goals in nearly 40 countries. Corporate or [email protected] original content with multimedia: Mary Kay Inc.

They colonised, raided, and traded in all parts of Europe.

While the problem is widespread, it is also underreported, increasing the need for intervention and education.

They conquered and settled parts of England (known as the Danelaw) under King Sweyn Forkbeard in 1013, and France where Danes and Norwegians founded Normandy with Rollo as head of state.

More Anglo-Saxon pence of this period have been found in Denmark than in England.

Evidence of strong Celtic cultural influence dates from this period in Denmark and much of North-West Europe and is among other things reflected in the finding of the Gundestrup cauldron.

The tribal Danes came from the east Danish islands (Zealand) and Scania and spoke an early form of North Germanic.

Historians believe that before their arrival, most of Jutland and the nearest islands were settled by tribal Jutes.