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22-Nov-2017 20:30

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Have a look at what other members are writing for some inspiration, or ask your friends to describe you.Remember that most members don’t have time to read every ad they see so tend to scan them.But with so many profiles on match.com, it’s important to make your dating profile stand out from the crowd.You are unique, so make sure your persona shines through and that fellow members can get a feel for the real you.Publishing houses have teams of editors analyzing and tweaking new books to make sure they’ll pull the average reader into their magic and mystery.Don’t think for a second these giant companies would risk their time and money before they’re certain it’s going to attract the big bucks.Consider what you’re all about and what it is you’re looking for, and make sure your headline reflects this.

Check out the other articles in our 10 Step Guide To Dating, get tips from our expert dating bloggers or head back to our advice pages! After you’ve filled in your basic information, you can add more detail in the “A few words about me” and “More About Me” sections of your profile.Use the latter to describe the things you’re passionate about such as your interests and hobbies and your favourite places to visit.With this is mind it’s good to use ‘buzz words’ that stand out, for example place names, film titles, football teams…whatever will make someone stop and linger on your profile.

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Giving your profile a headline is the perfect chance to make your profile distinctive.

Now, I know some purists out there aren't going to like what I’m about to say.