Miscalculation of pregnancy dating error updating firmaware to extreme

13-Jan-2018 16:57

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And the same counts for abnormally high levels of pregnancy hormone although it sometimes indicates molar pregnancy (growth of an abnormal tissue inside the uterus instead of an embryo) and multiple pregnancy.

Pregnancy hormone levels are not unimportant, however, the values alone do not reveal anything because they tend to vary greatly from one pregnant woman to another.

This shows a few reasons, but also one reason that i did not see is because by genetics you can have low HCG levels.

In this case, the pregnancy test needs to be repeated because elevated levels of pregnancy hormone can also indicate a medical problem.

Either way, you should visit your doctor if your menstrual period is late even if a home pregnancy test was negative because you cannot see the levels of pregnancy hormone but only a positive or negative sign.

There are lots of pregnancy calculators online , which allow women to calculate their due date.

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The principle is quite simple – they just need to key in their LMP ( first day of their last menstrual period) and the calculator will tell them their due date ( by adding 40 weeks do the LMP, a rule of thumb called Naegle’s rule).The translations of miscalculation from English to other languages presented in this section have been obtained through automatic statistical translation; where the essential translation unit is the word «miscalculation» in English.

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