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Initially, he wore his hair in spikes, but then decided to grow it out and also starts using hair gel in attempt to mimic Edward's look.

Bella describes Mike as a golden retriever: loyal, and obsessively following random people.

After an action movie outing (Crosshairs) with Bella and Jacob, which ended up with Mike vomiting from the bloody scenes, he seems to have given up on her, and tells her that "girls are cruel". After graduation, he starts working full-time at his parents' shop.

However, Mike is one of those who willingly accept her back after her depression. In the Eclipse film, Mike offers Jessica an old-fashioned speech for graduation, but she rejects his offer and throws the speech right into his head.

Mike is the first to become her friend again, although not with the same enthusiasm, and never forgets his fondness of her. During Calculus class, he gossips with Tyler, Ben, and Austin about the possibilities of Jacob and Edward fighting, and Mike is determined that Jacob has the best chance of winning.

Michael Welch, left, and Misty George are facing human trafficking charges for allegedly keeping a disabled woman in a shed and selling her to men who sexually assaulted her.(Photo: Macomb County Sheriff’s Office) MACOMB, Mich.