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07-Sep-2017 20:43

It’s a symphony of various side dishes, main dishes, drinks, appetizers, and desserts that will make you wonder how you’ve lived without it for so long.

Korean cuisine is not only strong on variety, but it also is strong on taste!

When you’re asking questions in Korean, make sure to direct your intonation upwards towards the end of the sentences, as if you’re unsure. If you’ve had Korean food before, then you know why Koreans can’t live without it when they go abroad.

You’ve got the phrases necessary to have simple interactions, so now’s the time to put them to use! A Korean meal is not just any ordinary culinary experience.

You’ll experience meat, vegetables, noodles, rice, and other seasonings in a way that you might not have had before. Koreans love to spice things up, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself reaching for the ice water more than normal.

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Ordinary shirts, trousers, skirts, and suits make your clothing look new again. Showing respect as a visitor A large number of Koreans in Seoul can speak at least basic English, so it’s true that you are unlikely to get stranded if you visit or come here to live.

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