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This week the US State Department pledged to monitor the issue "very, very closely." The scandal is almost certainly connected to an incident in March, less than a week before Nato began its air strikes on Yugoslavia, when a giant Russian AN-124 cargo plane was impounded in Baku, Azerbaijan.

On board, it had six partially dismantled Mi Gs and a crew of 34 technicians.

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A CRIMINAL investigation has been launched in the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan into senior defence and government security officials who are suspected of illegally selling Mi G fighter jets overseas, amid growing allegations that the aircraft were destined for North Korea.

South Korea yesterday expressed "serious concern" over the suspected purchase of 30 Soviet-era Mi G aircraft from Kazakhstan by the North Koreans, who are believed to be building up their military, despite intense poverty and a dependency on international food aid.

This week the issue moved forward anew when South Korea's intelligence chief, Chun Yong-taek, said that North Korea was assembling at least 30 Mi G-21 fighter planes with parts brought from a former Soviet republic, later identified by officials as Kazakhstan.

The Kazakh president, Nursultan Nazarbayev, has said nothing publicly about the allegations but there is no doubt that they are a source of embarrassment for his Central Asian republic.

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