Jewish dating service for disability

07-Oct-2017 07:13

Four years ago, he confided in his friend Shalomi Eldar — a community rabbi turned Intel computer programmer — that he despaired of spending the rest of his life coming home to an empty house.

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They are functioning adults, mostly employed, many with university degrees.Most likely, that’s because Mansfeld happens to be blind.Spread the Word• Email this article to friends or colleagues• Share this article on Facebook or Twitter• Write about and link to this article on your blog• Local relevancy?“The next morning, Shalomi’s phone started to ring, and it didn’t stop.” They advertised a meeting in someone’s accessible apartment.

“When there were 20 people inside and more outside who couldn’t fit in, they realized how many people were looking for something like this. Right “Most of our clients have physical disabilities ranging from mild CP to blindness to people in wheelchairs,” Groner says.“There has to something in common beyond the disability, so you have to check out many options,” says Mansfeld, who briefly dated one man she met through Inbar.

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