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24-Jun-2018 11:07

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Seven months after an anonymous woman accused indie-rock darling/millennial idol Conor Oberst of rape — and five months after Oberst sued said women for libel — the tortured truth of a long Internet drama has, at last, come out. Joan Elizabeth Harris, issued a notarized public statement Monday apologizing for the accusations and admitting she made them all up.“The statements I made and repeated online and elsewhere over the past six months accusing Conor Oberst of raping me are 100% false,” the statement reads.Its title, "Former Lives," refers to the sweeping changes that have upended Gibbard's life in the eight years since he began writing the songs collected here. There's an a-capella ditty sung into an i Phone, a jumped-up yodel featuring an all-female mariachi band, and a duet with Aimee Mann ("Bigger Than Love") that's based on the letters of F. But there are also more familiar Gibbard ingredients, like yearning, heartbreak, lovesickness and woe.Huff Post Entertainment caught up with Gibbard to discuss his new name, the death of local rock scenes and the changes of the past eight years -- including a major one he really kind of doesn't want to talk about.

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Every record that we make, there tends to be a theme that makes itself apparent as we sift through the songs, and there tend to be sonic threads we want to put together, and that unfortunately leaves a song or two along the way as a deleted scene from the record.

I think there's some truth to that observation -- that the reason indie-rock scenes were able to grow and flourish, certainly in the 90s, was that nobody had a camera pointed at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, or Seattle or Athens or any of these other towns where all of a sudden, overnight, it seemed that there were at least five great bands and a lot of other really good bands. These people had been playing music together for a long time and making 7-inches and tapes and swapping bands and all that sort of thing.

And I think that what we've lost in the Internet age is any scene's ability to grow organically and be specific to the region that it's in.

But as I continue to move forward in my life as a musician, I just want to continue to accrue a body of work that people can place in the context of their lives and relate to, and find some joy in.

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And I am doing exactly what I want to do with my life.

I think it's better to live in a world where people have access to the niches that they love, but I think what we do see -- I didn't read that article, but I can only assume that it makes this point -- when we look across indie rock are a lot of very similar production trends and sonic trends.

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