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Most police dog names are geared toward sounding rough and tumble so that criminals are intimidated just by the sound of their names.

If a police dog was named Prissy, it probably wouldn’t strike fear into anyone’s heart.

The story follows Seishū Handa, a calligrapher who moves to the remote Gotō Islands off the western coast of Kyūshū, and his various interactions with the people of the island.

An anime adaptation was announced Seishū Handa is a pro calligrapher, despite his young age.

The story of prequel spin-off Handa-kun is about hilarious high school days of calligraphy genius, Seishū Handa - so in short - Barakamon's protagonist school times. After punching a gallery curator for calling his calligraphy "unoriginal", he is sent by his father to a village in the Goto Islands to chill out. Energetic and curious, she likes Seishū and enjoys bug catching. She is a first-year student at a local elementary school. A 14-year-old middle school student with a bit of a boyish personality who is friends with Tamako and Naru.

Naru learned many weird things from emulating her (mainly things she shouldn't know), for which Seishū scolded her.

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A stranger comes to my house trying to sell some vacuums or amazing cleaning solution to my kids, my daughter asks will it clean our kitty he's a dirty boy.

The guy says it sure will go get your kitty and I'll clean it and show you! My big boy kitty comes growlin and snarling across our living room, the next thing my girl sees is that weirdo hoping back in his strange man van.

My daughter says that our kitty isn't very nice, man replies it's ok I can handle it. Guaranteed he won't be back to my house with a kitty guarding the spot!

I've had pit bulls for years and they are by far the best dogs for a family. He watches tv with us and his girlfriends name is princess but she passed is a tan dog with white going down his chest and his ears are clipped.

My children can do everything under the sun to them and my dogs will wag their tails the entire time and never once get upset. He is a dog you will love and you would he runs in the house he runs in the wall. I am going to get another one but name it [ blue bully].Of course that is what they were originally bred for - a companion dog to serve and protect it's family. Hera Aphrodite(afro-dit-e) Athena Bellona Diana Freya Gaia Helios Iris Isis Juturna Kirshna Liza Luna Maia Min Mercury Nanna Ostara Phoebe Quetzalcoatl Rhea Shiva Sin Tianhou Utu Vesta Xipe Ymir Zea :// I got most from there Beautiful 7 yr old rescued, 110 lb, 100% purebred pit bull.

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