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02-Aug-2017 10:02

After several surgeries and physical therapy, she was back on the catwalk — just 10 months later.

She says the experience grounded her in her career choice and “gave me something to fight for.”Now she is hoping to take that fighting spirit to the next level by being a passionate advocate for intersex youth.

“No surgical treatment until (individuals) have psychological support.

That’s a model we can use.”Above all, Stred says there should be no surgery until an intersex child is at an age of consent and can weigh the benefits and risks.

It is that group that may also carve a path on the issue of unneeded surgeries, she says.

The transgender community “is doing it right,” she says.

Being intersex relates to biological sex characteristics.

It is not the same as transgender: someone whose gender identity — how they feel inside — does not correspond with their birth sex.

A PASSIONATE VOICEWhen Odiele’s career was at the starting gate in 2006, she was slammed by a car that ran a red light on the streets of New York, leaving her with two broken legs and multiple fractures.

It will “help in raising awareness – and raising outrage.”Zieselman, now 50, had an experience as searing as Odiele’s.

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