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Organizers have the ability to manage and update the event calendar quickly and easily; they can move session times around or change details like location or capacity. Being a small company, we often have small shift in priorities and Maxim was able to react well and quickly to those.

Attendees will be alerted of any changes made to the event by the organizers and be able to register for specific sessions, or view if a session is already full. He is a hard worker and will put countless hours on a project to get the customer satisfied.

No matter what your expectations are, I am sure Maxim will be able to overcome them.

We had to let him go for budget reasons, completely out of his control and I can assure you that the decision was hard to take.

Working with enterprises, having a deep understanding of our customers' needs is very important.

Maxim always took the time to understand those and you can be sure that he will come up with a solution incredibly beautiful.

I tried to layout here most important works of mine, that should let you know about me more then any other documents. I think art is constantly used in the web design field as it should be.

It requires an artist's eye to create an appealing web design.

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User Experience skills and psychology needed to transform a verbal idea into a multimedia experience, understanding of users and how they will interact with the product being developed is a base for any successful product.

"..I am seeing a design from Maxim for the first time, I have that "wow" reaction, but the best is when he explains it, there is a logic behind it that gives the design a personality, something special and hard to explain." - Francis Filion CTO & Co-Founder, em APPetizer Inc. I am looking for a new home-canvas for my talents, passions and skills. a private Montreal-based mobile application development corporation.