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I’m surprised you’re being so immature about it….you’re a grown woman, not some teen who acts innocent and disgusted about sex, but behind closed door get all excited…but I totally understand.”“I mean you know what I mean…you’re a girl and you have certain and more expectations and standards you have to withhold and live up to than guys…like maintaining a good girl image in public, and all you’re really doing is suppressing it until it explodes…but behind the closed-door scene, you let that bad girl out.”, you’re being obvious and getting real into the heart of the matter, admitting stuffs that are so true yet never brought up, and you’re the rare one that actually does it.

When you’re comfortable and confident being the man leading the conversation to the sexual arena, the woman will follow suit thanking you she doesn’t have to hide and be more of herself because women are sexual-creatures, more so than men, and you will be rewarded for it.

I’m talking about talking sexually to women you just met or know and want to get with. Are they looking for sex that’s why they want to feel sexy?

They should only want to feel sexy when they’re having sex…but they don’t wear sexy shoes when they have sex.

24 sexual questions to ask a girl over text Turning her on and making her horny doesn’t have to be difficult.

Just try some of these sexual questions to ask a girl over text. [Read: How to warm up to a naughty, sexy texting conversation] #1 Do you sleep naked?

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That was one of the reason why I initially thought I wanted to be one those wealthy Wall Street banker…living in fancy condo, limo-ride to 5-stars restaurants every night, and sniffing coke off of strippers’ tits every weekend and hoping nobody recognizes me…but there is always this sense of professionalism and dignity we have to maintain, not only at work but at home. Maybe switch up the underwear for a pair that turns her on. Some girls aren’t into giving blowjobs, and that’s just their personal preference – if you want to investigate that further, you can. If you want her touching herself by the end of the conversation, well, these questions will do the trick.Even if you were to say to a female-coworker, “You know let’s talk about sex.

Look I understand if you’re uncomfortable and feel as though you’re continuously have to maintain your professionalism 24/7 even out in a bar, afraid your boss and everybody is going to find out.”“Now we’re all grown-ups here.…so you want to be able to have a heart-to-heart, sex-talk with a woman that will lead her to ripping your clothes off and have you giving her a joy-ride in heaven.

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