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This feature will decrypt the file that Dropbox uses to maintain a list of files that are synced to the user's Dropbox account or have been synced at one point.

Currently this feature is only available for Windows XP. This search will recover artifacts left behind when using Flickr to upload files via the web.

Prior versions of IEF attempted to recreate the original log files but the new method of searching for individual messages enables much more chat to be recovered.

Note: The Windows Live Messenger® search option is backwards compatible with MSN Messenger®, and these two program names are used interchangeably in IEF.) This search will recover chat messages, contact list and phonebook left behind when using the oo Voo chat client.

The entire logs are not needed (single records can be recovered) and the Second Life Viewer saves chat logs by default.

Please note that while IEF will search the default log location (and carve in the pagefile, hiberfil, unallocated, etc), logs can be saved to a different folder (or turned off) by the user.

Messages sent or received using Google Talk® live chat within Gmail® webmail.

IEF will attempt to recover chat messages, date/time stamps, participants and message sender from non-deleted chat logs. ® is an add-on for Windows Live Messenger®/MSN Messenger® that adds a number of features to the chat program.