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If I were you, I'd forget about the file server and put a Gator Box or a Fast Path in to link the Local Talk to the Ethernet, and then I'd make sure to get the Ethernet hooked into the campus backbone.Since this is a school environment, it is morally wrong to steer people towards closed, proprietary need a multiport repeater right away, because you need to install wiring to serve both kinds in any room of the wing, right ? (2) Any user can accidentally wipe out a thinnet loop, and then you need to get into each room to troubleshoot. Put an RJ-45 in each room, with a 4-pair cable to a patch panel.Now you have identical wiring from each room to the patch panel.START OF DOCUMENT -----------[000000][next][prev][last][first]---------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, GMT From: [email protected](Christopher Davis) To: comp.protocols.tcp-ip Subject: Re: Looking for a comprehensive list of common port numbers to track it specifically, port 6667 isn't named in 1340. (Though there are always the occasional rumblings of a move to 194, nobody's done it yet.) -- * Christopher Davis * -----------[000001][next][prev][last][first]---------------------------------------------------- Date: 1 Apr 93 GMT From: [email protected] COM (Lars Poulsen) To: comp.protocols.tcp-ip Subject: Re: Getting DNC to work with Internet appsdone? (man 5 resolv.conf) -- / Lars Poulsen, SMTS Software Engineer Internet E-mail: [email protected]

got reject for frame retransmitting frame now updating nr-12

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(PC user wil have to pay for an NFS client, I think).In this setup (and I believe with TCP generally, I might be wrong) the server can only communicate with one peer (client) process at a time (hence using fork).With a server that uses UDP sockets, it too binds a port and waits for a packet (note, no connection as such occurs and being a broadcast protocol there is no way, unless you program a protocol on top of UDP, to know if a packet is received, after being sent).-- / Lars Poulsen, SMTS Software Engineer Internet E-mail: [email protected]

COM CMC Network Products / Rockwell Int'l Telephone: 1-805-968-4262 Santa Barbara, CA 93117-3083 Tele FAX: 1-805-968-8256 I'm interested in the availability of protocol encapsulation software/hardware solutions.

ARCHIVE: TCP-IP Distribution List - Archives (1993) DOCUMENT: TCP-IP Distribution List for April 1993 (463 messages, 245874 bytes) SOURCE:

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