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09-Mar-2018 18:02

I say “the country you’re in” and not “the nationality of the person you’re dating” because I believe that, at least in the beginning, you cannot assume that a local will know the dating rules in your country; on the other hand, if you are the displaced one, you may already know all too well about this little thing called “cultural differences”.

Here I’m assuming that one of the two persons involved is a local.

Sometimes, people, especially when they’re drunk, will kiss for whatever reason.

And more important, people that are dating will kiss at the first date and regularly after that, even if they don’t think/feel that they are in a relationship, even if they see other people. Well, kissing while completely wasted is somewhat OK, but will sometimes become very embarrassing the following day, depending on who kissed who.

Also note that blind dates are almost non-existent in France.

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” You usually ask this to the girl after you’ve known her a little, having met her at work, school, through common friends, etc.Even if things are far from perfect, they have a much healthier and more casual approach to sex.In France, there is no such thing as wondering after how many dates it’s OK to have sex, no such thing as “no sex on the first date, that means you’re easy” and so on…One thing that’s not exactly related to dating, but it can be…

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That fear that American people have to offend other people is totally misunderstood in France.

OK, it doesn’t work for everything (even in France, telling your girlfriend she looks fat in that dress is a big no no), but overall, French people are much more open and upfront than Americans.

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