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The man in question is Scott Lamont, a 24-year-old fan of Rangers FC, which draws most of its support from Scotland’s Protestant communities.It has an infamous rivalry with Glasgow’s other globally recognisable football team, Celtic FC, most of whose fans come from Scotland’s Catholic, Irish-tinged communities.Last week in Glasgow, a man was sentenced to four months in jail for the crime of singing a state-decreed ‘offensive song’.Yes, that thing us Brits love to be sniffy about when it’s done by the Saudis or Putin – the cruel or unusual punishment of people just for saying something or singing something – is now being done right here in the UK, in the twenty-first century.

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Well, if you’re one of spiked’s many UK-based readers, you don’t have to imagine it – you already live there.

It criminalises the ‘expression [of] religious hatred’, wiping out, in one foul swoop, the traditional songs and chants of Rangers and Celtic, who have long mocked each other with scurrilous words.

While there is no single model, it is apparent that numbers of activities, programmes, mobility flows are rising (almost) everywhere and that many of these strategies have a focus on economic gain, talent recruitment and international positioning.… continue reading »

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