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21-Jan-2018 08:07

newstyle=One&cam=1) [Here is what I'm in changes]( Odf.png) EDIT: [Found this one....

resolution=704x480) [This one is at Montclair or something.... EDIT: [This one is pretty creepy looking right now...think it is an observatory](

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id=1102&image Path=/mjpg/video.mjpg&size=1, 1345707451.0,31,self.controllablewebcams,yop62,"Found a couple non controllable cams, hope you haven't seen them before. resolution=704x576 [This one is at Oregon State....pretty obvious from the URL]( resolution=704x480) That's what I found in my first couple minutes of google searching this stuff....thanks for introducing me to it!

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(Near Sooke, BC) They offer an amazing view to the Juan de Fuca inlet and across to Pearson College and Port Angeles.