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17-Feb-2018 18:23

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, Boy Meets Ghoul, Robosexual (for when the "species" barrier is a robot, AI, or other artificial lifeform), Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action (for when you wonder how these two things could actually reproduce, or at least engage in activities that would lead to reproduction with members of their own species), Muggle Mage Romance and What Measure Is a Humanoid? May involve Exotic Equipment or the Male-to-Female Universal Adaptor.May lead to Half Human Hybrids or to a Non-Human Lover Reveal if one member was keeping secrets. In case you did miss it, that’s what we’re here for.

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The country singer performed a song written in response to the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault scandal called “Female.” Urban’s performance was extremely simple and beautiful.I know because I complained.' Monday morning's show comes as O'Reilly is working to fight back against a New York Times story that revealed the disgraced anchor paid a former legal analyst Lis Wiehl million to settle a sexual harassment suit.

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