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26-Nov-2017 09:42

EO: In the end, it was the non physical transformation that became the subject of this book.It was this very private, and in some ways kind of intimate, change in the way people saw themselves as citizens, as members of the society.A new magazine called the published stories with titles like “After the Divorce, Who Gets the House?” A new Communist Party slogan proclaimed “Borrow Money to Realize Your Dreams.” By the time Osnos relocated to China in 2005, first as a reporter for the How does one tell the story of a place changing so rapidly that the outside observer can hardly keep up?In his book, released just last week, Osnos argues that the country’s remarkable growth has unleashed an age of possibility for Chinese citizens, an unprecedented fervor for chasing dreams and soul-searching.For eight years, Osnos followed the lives of Chinese people tugged by these tides of change: A peasant’s daughter turned online dating tycoon, a young political scientist and ardent defender of China’s one-party system, a street sweeper moonlighting as a poet, a political dissident revered abroad but erased at home, corrupt officials that make Washington look like child’s play.

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Local publishers wanted to significantly revise or censor politically sensitive sentences.

So let’s just not talk about that.’ I felt like I couldn’t do the equivalent in Chinese.

MJ: One of the themes you return to throughout the book is how decades of economic development has unleashed a sense of ambition among Chinese citizens, to seek fortune, information, and a sense of self.

There was a woman named Gong Haiyan who I wrote about when she was just out of graduate school, and all of a sudden she was taking her company public on the stock exchange, and got very wealthy.

That seemed like in its own way a symbol of this moment in China.

If they say this doesn’t ring true, then I’ve learned something. And when they came back and said ‘Here are the cuts you have to make.

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