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I have gone through several rounds of the service account password change and have found the steps that work for me. Bring up the User Profile Service in Central Admin. Click "Configure Synchronization Connections." Please note that the connection list will be empty if the User Profile Synchronization Service is currently stopped. Click the dropdown next to the sync connection name. Enter the new password in the "Connection Settings" section. Click "Populate" to check whether the new password works. First, you have to understand that not all service account password can be managed from the Share Point 2010 "Configure managed accounts" page. Application pools are associated with worker processes, contain one or more applications, and provide isolation among different applications.Upgrading SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) to SSRS 2012 should be a fairly easy task, but there are a few “bumps in the road” to watch out for.Service accounts password change in Share Point 2010 is a pain. Share Point Server Search Content Access Account(s) 4.1. Especially, if you follow the recommended best practices to have dedicated accounts for different services. Bring up the Search Service application in Central Admin. Click the Default Content Access Account in the "System Status" section.

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These are the accounts that you can just use the "Configure managed accounts" page in Share Point 2010 Central Administration to change the password and be done. Object Cache Super User and Object Cache Reader accounts 8.1. Logon to the Share Point server that hosts the Central Administration site. Repeat steps 2 to 4 on all other Share Point servers. Update the User Profile Synchronization service account if you use the Farm Account as UPS account. Switch to that server via the dropdown at the top of the page. The User Profile Synchronization Service (and FIM) will be stopped as the password of the service account was changed. Note that you also have to be a farm administrator. Run the following command stsadm -o updatefarmcredentials -userlogin 5. Find the server that you have previously configured to run UPS. As you may think, manually changing all these machine level settings is tedious, error-prone, and requires better option.

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Luckily Microsoft has provided better option as manage service accounts page on the central administration site.

Again, you can just set the passwords of these accounts directly from Central Admin and be done. Find the server that you have previously configured to run UPS.