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01-May-2018 22:29

Soap Request Hint: you may need to copy your class files/tree into the right location (which depends on the servlet system you are using).; nested exception is: Class Not Found Exception: org.owasp.webgoat.lessons. Axis2 emphasizes the "Module" concept over the "Handler" concept of Axis 1.x. Synchronous/Asynchronous invocations can handle both single and double HTTP connections.Modules contain handlers that are ordered by phase rules. With this advanced architecture, Axis2 is capable of handling megabytes of requests and responses, well above the capabilities of Axis1.x.Having a transport-independent Axis engine allows far more flexibility in transport options. The "payload" variable above contains the SOAP body element which will go in the SOAP envelope.

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These easily reusable components allow extended functionality such as pattern processing for your applications or distribution to partners. Axis2 supports asynchronous invocation through send Receive Nonblocking().This document is intended for helping Axis 1.x users migrate to the Axis2 series.

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