Deutsche erotik chat rooms

26-Jun-2017 02:26

Competitions of any kind must be always approved by the admins to avoid any potential malpractice or unfair gain at the cost of other players.

In general: Participation in any competitions that have not been organized by Ubisoft/Blue Byte is at the player’s own risk.

If you suspect a particular account of cheating, please take a screenshot and send it to support along with any other useful information.

Cheats should only be reported to the Support team.

Rude or insulting languages to or about any of the MMHO team will only result in your message NOT getting an answer.

The creation of spam and/or flooding posts is not permitted and may, depending on the circumstances, result in a 24-hour ban and even exclusion from the service (game/chat room/forum).

Topics such as religion and politics are deemed too inflammatory/controversial and provocative.

They have no place on the Heroes Online in-game chat or even the forum, these topics are forbidden.

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Admin and Moderators reserve the right to apply a permanent ban if such a situation occurs.For a given post, this can be a subjective call, but a pattern of such posting or an especially egregious case will get you banned.Do not troll, do not flame period, it is a bannable offence.You will be warned to stop, if you persist, this could result in a ban.

We will not accept any complaining about the moderation, the moderators or the rules on the public channels and any such behavior will result in an ban!Cooperative battles are not classified as pushing and will not be punished. If several users are playing Might & Magic Heroes Online from the same PC/internet connection you must inform Support in advance.

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