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21-Sep-2017 13:36

Mallorie has been arrested on two occasions: in 1998 for joyriding and in 2002 for being in possession of a controlled substance (namely marijuana).

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“This feels like we’re at your funeral,” Whitney Call says.

At the photo shoot, several Studio C castmates asked Matt Meese, “Did they have the lines of the soccer ball on your face when we filmed the video? Matt went back and forth to makeup after each “goal attempt” in the viral soccer video, and a prosthetic nose was even implemented when Scott’s nose “breaks.” Jennine Hollingshaus uses Matt Meese’s face as a palette for a beat-up soccer goalie. At one point the three female castmates brainstormed “pregnant bellies” with the balls, but then Whitney went for the backside. The three single guys — Stacey, Adam and Matt — all live together. “But Stephen (Meek) is my trophy husband.” Injuries at the shoot included bare knees on hard concrete floors, Stacey Harkey falling when running in his cleats, and James Perry falling off the stretcher onto spilled water when the guys were playing around. It could be because he was in his last week of his last semester of college.