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Before Roberts' switch to Methodism, Crutchfield arranged a meeting between Roberts and Bishop William Angie Smith, at which the Bishop told Roberts, "We need you, but we need the Holy Spirit more than we need you and we've got to have the Holy Spirit in the Methodist Church." Even though Roberts was often associated with the prosperity gospel and the faith movement because of his close doctrinal and personal ties with Word-Faith teachers, his abundant life teachings did not fully identify him with that movement.In 1980, Roberts said he had a vision which encouraged him to continue the construction of his City of Faith Medical and Research Center in Oklahoma, which opened in 1981.But in the late summer of 1945, while preaching in a North Carolina camp meeting, Roberts was asked by Robert E."Daddy" Lee of Toccoa, Georgia to consider becoming pastor of his small, eighty-member church.It was there that their daughter Rebecca, then five years old, first met her future husband, Marshall.There were also two instances of healing, which Roberts would later look back on as his first realization "that I was approaching 'my hour'." 1947 was a turning point.He began broadcasting by radio in 1947, His television ministry continued with The Abundant Life program reaching 80% of the United States by 1957, and quarterly Prime Time Specials from 1969 through 1980. On March 17, 1968, Roberts and his wife were received as members of the Boston Avenue United Methodist Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma by Dr. The United Methodist Church offered more leniency in doctrinal and moral issues than the Pentecostal Holiness Church had.This granted Roberts some leeway, as it was expected that the strictness of the Pentecostal tradition may have impeded his rise in popularity.

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Roberts was forced to respond with the sale of his holiday homes in Palm Springs and Beverly Hills as well as three of his Mercedes cars.The university was chartered during 1963 and received its first students in 1965.Students were required to sign an honor code pledging not to drink, smoke, or engage in premarital sexual activities.Roberts suggested they pray about it, and unexpectedly, decided to accept.

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By the end of the year, Roberts resigned and moved back to Shawnee.) was an American Charismatic Christian televangelist, ordained in both the Pentecostal Holiness and United Methodist churches.

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