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The first women’s organization, the Arab Women’s Renaissance Association (later changed to the Family Renaissance Association), was established by Noureya Al-Saddani in 1962 and was soon followed by the Women’s Cultural and Social Society in February 1963.

The Girls Club (Nadi Alfatat) was established in 1975, its initial focus was on women in sport.

The first private school opened in 1926; it taught reading, writing, and embroidery.

Public schooling began in 1937 though enrollment in it was low for some time; however, by the 1940s many young Kuwaiti women were enrolled in primary school.

During the invasion they also organized a large demonstration in defiance of the invasion, which cost some of them their lives.

Kuwait’s long tradition of artistic expression has been spearheaded and organized by women.

Almost exactly four years after women were given full political rights, four were elected into parliament for the first time.

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The gallery was shut after the Iraqi invasion and reopened in 2006 by Farida Sultan. award winning documentary filmmaker, documenting the contribution of women to contemporary culture and society in the Gulf States with 'Trailblazing Women in the History of Kuwait' and 'Trailblazing Women in Science and Technology'.

In the 1950s their access to education and employment increased dramatically.