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He thinks he's dying and tells Mark to eat more bacon and have more sex. Bailey's packing of Charles Percy's gunshot wound isn't holding. April believes Gary is on the floor and panicks, but Cristina says that she is in charge while everyone else is a mess, and she's sure that Gary is not on this floor. It's Jackson, who tells them they're not supposed to be walking around.Mark says he will, but Alex should hang in there because Lexie's gonna be back any minute. Callie says that until then, she has the best doctor with her. She can make people feel better with her super magic smile. Callie says she's got to call the police to inform them. Outside, the officer asks Richard if the name Gary Clark rings any bells. April, Cristina, and Meredith have put Derek on the OR table. She has limited supplies and she knows he needs to get him to an OR. He informs them that Owen and Teddy left this floor.With Charles watching Bailey, Mary asks what they're going to do. He takes off the oxygen mask and asks if he's dying now. She starts crying again and says that she and Mary are going to be with him the whole time. Owen enters the scrub room and Meredith informs him of the situation. Owen tells her to stay put and says he'll go see if she needs help. Bailey distances herself and starts crying inaudibly. He'll first go assess and come back to scrub in if Cristina needs him. Lexie Grey is the one who pulled the plug on your wife. Richard overhears many of his colleagues and friends in panic on the transmitter. The police then gains access to the 911 calls from the hospital. I'll say it again, to make sure you hear me: the human life is made up of choices. She says she's barely lived and begs him not to shoot her. Derek is panting and Gary points his gun at him again, but he then sees a SWAT team entering through the main entrance. Meredith then throws Cristina into a shelf and runs out to Derek.

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As Owen enters the OR, Gary stops aiming at Cristina and points the gun at him. (turns his gun back to Cristina) Meredith: You want justice, right?

Arizona says there are only children here and covers Ruby with her body as she keeps repeating it. Cristina says she can't operate while Meredith is in there, so she orders Meredith to stay in the scrub room.

She orders April, who came in to tell her the OR is ready, to stay with Meredith and stop her if she does anything else than sitting on the floor.

A cautious Cristina comes over and says she called the police. Cristina knows Derek needs surgery and runs off as Meredith tells Derek he doesn't get to die.

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Cristina runs to get a wheelchair and sees a frightened April sitting against a wall. Cristina and Meredith's surgical skills are put to the ultimate test when Derek and Owen get shot. Cristina pulls back a horrified Meredith as Gary proceeds to point his gun at April.

This book is also filled with great examples of HOW we let the Holy Spirit work in our lives, not just telling you that you need the Holy Spirit. It did leave me with a couple questions pertinent to my own situation, but I imagine that is common with any book. I just couldn't get myself to actually finish this book.… continue reading »

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